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CEO Quiz: How Pro Is Your Board Deck?

Way More Fun Than Getting Your Credit Score


A CEO recently said to me “I spend ages putting my board deck together and my board resents me for it.”  I love that line and I can definitely relate to it.  Maybe you can too.

If you don’t feel like reading, click here to get your “how pro is my board meeting” score. It’ll take you about three minutes to fill out the survey.  It’s worth it to see your score.  If you score over a 90, you’re the best operator ever and should really be wearing a medallion everywhere you go.  If it’s under 80, we’ll give you a few ideas to actually improve your process and decision making.  

If you’ve read anything we’ve ever written, which I’m sure you haven’t, you’ll know that we were pretty bad at everything related to the board meeting at our first two companies. 

Let's try that again…

If you’re the one person who has read our posts, you already know that at our first two companies, Moosejaw and CrowdRise, we were bad at everything related to the board meeting. If we were able to score those board meetings, they’d get a 2. 

  • Building the deck took forever and the output wasn’t even good.  
  • Our board meetings were basically lectures that didn’t lead to better decision making.
  • Security for our board materials…we didn’t put nearly enough thought into it. 
  • And, we had no idea how to deal with governance. 

The bigger problem was that we didn’t know we were so bad at it. 

Turns out that our challenge is pretty universal.  A made-up survey revealed that 97% of CEOs have no clue whether or not their board meeting process is actually any good.  

So, we solved everything. 

Now you can see how good you are at your deck, your board meeting, etc.   It’ll take you about three minutes to fill out the survey and get your score.  It’s slightly more fun than getting your credit score and way less fun than blackjack.

Please Click Here to Get Your Score - How Pro is Your Board Meeting. 

Most importantly, the survey includes a movie quote. Took my brother about a week to get it. That week was entirely ruined for him.  Hope you’re as compulsive as he is and your week is ruined too. 

If you have any questions when you’re done or if we can help in any way, please click here and we’ll be ready to dig in.

I’ll stop typing now. 

Decent Humans at Zeck

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