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It's like having 1,000 MBAs write your board update.

Zeck AI generates your board updates in seconds instead of hours.

Save Time

With just a little bit of info, Zeck AI can author. You simply edit.


Write Better

Generate concise, focused updates. Exactly what your board wants.


Stay Secure

Get the power of AI in a 100% private and secure environment.


Zeck AI authors. You edit.

Zeck AI will tackle the first draft.

Simply add your summary data and quickly write a little bit about the period you're reporting on. Zeck AI will turn that into an awesome, editable update.




Updates boards will love.

Zeck AI makes your writing super efficient.

Whether it’s spelling, grammar, or writing to our board meeting framework, Zeck AI does it all at the click of a button.



Another set of eyes on your data.

Zeck AI writes key takeaways.

Zeck AI can instantly pick out the most important information from your summary data or graph and write concise takeaways for you. It’s crazy how well it works.



AI without the risk.

Zeck AI will keep everything secure.

Security is table stakes at Zeck. Zeck AI does not feed any of your content to the LLM to be trained on. We’ve built Zeck AI so that your data is never mixed with any other Zeck customer, or anyone else.


Chat With Us

Speak to a Zeck expert to learn more about saving time and money by ending the misery of the board meeting.


Zeck is light speed faster for me as CEO, more readable for my board, and the comments feature dramatically improves the substance of our meetings.

- Josh Trautwein, Co-Founder and CEO, About Fresh