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Passwordless Login and Bora Bora

Fully Secure Board Meetings... Without One More Password To Remember


According to the Account Foundation of Some Pacific Islands, the average person has 603 online accounts. I’d consider myself below average generally. I’m not tall and my primary skill is being a bad sleeper.  And, even I have over 400 accounts.

The AFSPI, an entirely made up organization, defines an account as “anything that requires a username and password.”

Interestingly, the AFSPI is an accredited fabricated organization in the United States and EU but not in the Pacific Islands themselves. 

As you likely know, the controversy began a couple years ago when a fraction of the voting rights transferred from Tahiti to the Isle of Pines without consent from Ouleva, which has been mostly uninhabited since the island of Upolu was formed from a massive basaltic shield volcano. It’s important to note that no one actually knows what a massive basaltic shield volcano is… it’s probably terrifying but it has a great name. 

The needle started to move slightly when, during an event on Bora Bora celebrating Queen Teriimauvarua III’s infamous spatula collection, someone claimed that Rarotonga wasn’t the largest of the Cook Islands.

That someone was none other than the Provost of Araura University on the island of Aitutaki, the second largest of the Cook Islands.   

After much back and forth and the usual reckoning that accompanies back and forths, they decided to solve everything with a quick game of Rock, Paper, Scissors up to 300.  

The winner was Lucy from Tanna, who had a wild and unprecedented string of Scissors beating Paper.  

The result, after all the diligence was finalized, was the now celebrated Passwordless Login at Zeck. 

Some quick background…

Most companies still send their board materials via attachments over open email. Madness.  

Security is table stakes for us at Zeck. When we launched several months ago, we required everyone to log into Zeck with a username and password.  Of course that option is still available.  

But, enough of you chimed in saying you didn’t want to ask your board members to create yet another account.  So, we solved it.

Now, when you send your Zeck to your board, the system authenticates that they are who they say they are and they’re good to go. No username to enter and no password to remember.  And, it’s entirely secure.

It’s all actually pretty cool.

I think that covers it.

If you have any questions about passwordless login or the Account Foundation of Some Pacific Islands, can you please email us and will be ready?

Thanks so much.

Decent Humans at Zeck

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