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A Turtle Named Dave

Yep…Zeck is Perfect on Your Phone


I think it’s fair to say that we get in a little fight every time we do a call or a demo.  Picture Tyson-Holyfield or Jeremy Grey and Sack Lodge. 

Our demo fights usually start with the typical argument when you’re checking out a new product…

Which is better, Fruity Pebbles or Lucky Charms?  Is it Further or Farther?  Who would win in a fight: Spicoli or Randall Pink Floyd?

Actually, none of that is true. The answers are too easy: Luckies, Further and Randy Floyd. 

The real fight usually goes something like this…

This play is called Katy, Leon and a Turtle that Might be Named Dave


Katy - Human person at Zeck
Leon - CEO of RibbonStarSkies
Dave - A turtle that actually never appears in the play but you know he’s out there

Fade into Katy and Leon on a Zoom.



Because Zeck is a site, it's entirely optimized for mobile, which is really great for your board, who can finally read your board materials on their phone. 


Wait.  Our PDFs are mobile-friendly. 


Well.  I think it’s fair to say ‘that depends’.  Yes, if you have a few bullet points on the page, you can read your PDF on your phone.  But, once you start adding more content and images then you’re going to be pinching in and out a lot to read anything. 


I don’t believe it. 


I don’t want to be argumentative but do you want me to find a PDF and screenshot it on my iPhone and show it to you?


Nope. I’ll check our most recent board deck now. 


The camera shows Leon on his iPhone, finding a PDF, pulling it up, and starting to scroll.  The turtle is still nowhere to be seen.



Wait. You’re right. My board deck isn’t even close to being readable on my phone.  That’s insane. 


Agreed.  With Zeck, your board members can easily read everything in an Uber, while swimming, or getting on a plane. Anywhere.  


That’s awesome. 


Thanks. We’re hoping that because your board can get to your content way more efficiently, they’re actually more likely to read it.  


This is just the second time I’ve ever been wrong about anything. 

Fade out. 

It’s a little crazy that just about everyone thinks their board materials are perfect on their phone.  They’re not. If you don’t believe us, please check it out. 

Okay.  I think we’re good. Wait, this post seems so short and we’re delirious about taking up space.  So, one trivia question and one important note…

  • In Pulp Fiction, what’s the name of the restaurant where Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega dance?  The answer is way below.
  • Can you believe Bradley Cooper’s name in Wedding Crashers is Sack, not Zach?

Okay.  That’s all. 

Thanks so much.
Decent Humans of Zeck


The answer is Jack Rabbit Slim’s.  Or, maybe Slims…no apostrophe.

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