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Mer-Man and Video Embed

You can now easily embed video in your board meeting Zecks


We just discovered something really cool.  It’s called YouTube.  We haven’t figured it out entirely yet but it seems like it’s a place where you can upload and watch videos.  

Obviously, when you come across something entirely novel, it’s always good to get some background.  And, in fact, the history of photography and video and the way it all connects to the board meeting is particularly uninteresting. 

So, let’s begin. 

  • According to Wikipedia, in 1825 Nicephore Niepce did something cool (and impossible to understand) with engravings.  

  • Louis Daguerre was Niepce’s partner.  He produced the world’s first heliograph which seems relevant but I’m not going to click through to learn about it.  After all, the brain is finite and we’re deep into fantasy football right now. 

  • Barzini sure didn’t like his pic taken in The Godfather. 

  • Ali and Daniel took pics together in the little booth thing in Karate Kid. 

  • Apollo and Rocky watched fight videos of Clubber Lang. 

  • The pics at the end of The Hangover.  Epic. 

  • The ‘moisture is the essence of wetness’ clip in Zoolander.  Mer-man. 

  • And, the video of the Polaroids while the credits rolled in Almost Famous. So good. 

So, how does any of this connect with Zeck and your board meetings, investor updates, all hands, etc?  I don’t think it does at all, actually. 

But, we just launched video embed and wanted to take up lots of space going through it all.  

Unlike any other system or tool you may be using for your presentations now, your board members don’t have to leave your Zeck to watch your videos. 

It’ll take you about three seconds to embed your videos in your Zeck and it's one click to watch ‘em.

Alright, I think that actually covers it. As always, if you have any questions, we’ll be ready.

Thanks so much.
Decent Humans of Zeck

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