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Ditch your Board Deck: A Talk with Edward Norton

Edward Norton

Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, Zeck

Lynne Zaledonis


Lynne Zaledonis

EVP, Cloud & Industry Product Marketing, Salesforce

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What is Zeck?
Zeck isn't a Deck.

Zeck creates customizable, interactive websites that actually work on your phone and make you look way more pro to your board and investors.

Zeck is a Collaborative Workspace

Zeck is a catalyst for real engagement so you’ll get way more value out of your board meetings, which is what’s supposed to happen.

Make Better Decisions

Your board meetings will go from boring presentations to awesome strategic discussions, lots of bantering and lively debate.

Do Less Prep 

“What’s so miserable today? To Begin With, Everything.” - Russell Hammond, Almost Famous. Your team is building their decks in the same obsolete slides they used in middle school. Zeck is 7,000 times easier. 

Modernize Governance

Zeck digitizes voting and auto-generates board minutes. Plus, Zeck invented the Pre-Vote (we think) to completely eliminate the minutiae from the live board meeting.

Board meetings are evolving, and so are many companies and nonprofits:


What real people are saying...

"We went from punting decisions to the next board meeting to crushing board meeting agendas. Zeck has increased our board meeting productivity."

Grant Gibson
Founder & Chief Development Officer
Synthica Energy


"Having a collaborative workspace with the board is really cool. Zeck is an amazing tool that lets us spend time on the things that will actually impact our business."

Kerry Michaels
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
William Murray Golf

We Make It So Easy.

No Switching Costs

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Awesome Guarantee

We're maniacal about making sure you love it.

Best Service Ever

You'll have our CEO's cell.


"Zeck is light speed faster for me as CEO, more readable for my board members, and the engagement tools dramatically improve the quality of our meetings."

Josh Trautwein
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
About Fresh

"If you’ve been waiting for an alternative to PowerPoint or KeyNote for board meetings - this is it!"

Paul Molloy
Chief Executive Officer
Applaud Medical


"It's ridiculous that I used to have to spend my day having a board deck -- that I already read -- read back to me. Then Zeck came along and changed everything."

Jared Stasik
Detroit Venture Partners

Features for a New World.

Bank Level Security

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Auto-Generated Meeting Minutes

We'll build your first Zeck for you.


We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Private Comments

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Smart Agendas

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Time Saving Integrations

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Dynamic Linking

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

AI Optimized Content

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Digitized Minutes Book

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Director Pre-Voting

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Passwordless Sign In

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

Engagement Analytics

We'll build your first Zeck for you.

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Speak to a Zeck expert.

"Zeck makes my life much easier and gives me more time for strategy, less time formatting and gathering votes. Can't wait to try investor updates next."

Rachel Wolff