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End the Misery of the Nonprofit Board Meeting.

Zeck Reimagines the Entire Board Meeting Process. Save Time, Look Pro, and Drive Better Decisions.

It's Not a Deck. It's a Zeck.

Zeck is not the deck you’ve been using for the last 5 years. Zeck is a website that uses technology to transform your entire board process. Zeck reduces prep time, surfaces the content that matters most, adds security, consistency, automation, and so much more.

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Special Pricing

We're Offering Discounted Nonprofit Pricing. Book a Call and We’ll Walk You Everything.


Zeck frees up cash flow by saving your team time.


Zeck facilitates key decision making during your board meetings.


Our team will help you get your first Zeck created.


Zeck has been transformational for us. It has made an incredible impact on our board engagement. It is truly one of the easiest to implement and intuitive to use products we have used.

- Ian Burnstein, Chairman of the Board, GB Community Health Clinic


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The First-Ever Board Site

Zecks are beautifully designed, fully interactive board sites packed with modern communication features and advanced analytics. By making the experience awesome for your board, you’ll get more value out of your board meetings.

Board members leave comments and engage in discussion pre-board meeting, allowing for more focused, strategic and rewarding board meetings.

Insta-like reaction make quick feedback easy and fun.
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Efficient, Energized Agendas

Zeck drives conversation and surfaces the topics that are most pressing to discuss. Your board meetings will go from boring presentations to enlightened strategic discussions, lots of bantering and lively debate.

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100% Confidence In Compliance

Unleash a new generation of governance by auto-generating and approving meeting minutes, taking secure votes, and signing docs all within our digital governance system, giving you peace of mind when it comes to your company's compliance.

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It's Billy Madison.

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Flexible Permissions Control

You no longer have to worry about password-protecting PDFs, hiding certain slides from your team, or sending your most sensitive information over email. Zeck's multi-tier permission system lets you control who on your team gets access to each section of your board site.

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